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Vegan body scrub - Hooray, scrub away - Black Orchid


A 100% vegan and cruelty-free body scrub for wonderfully soft skin. The skin is effectively exfoliated by the efficient and natural sugar particles, leaving your skin feeling like a polished peach. With the intriguing scent of Black Orchid, you can conquer the world. The tube is made of 95% recycled plastic. We consider glass to be dangerous in the shower.

Contents: 7 scrub balls of 6 grams each

Black Orchid
Experience the initial burst of a sweet and dark vanilla, followed by a woody-musky body that is both warm and sensual. As it dries down, it reveals its powdery side, becoming even more irresistible and creamy. This inviting warm and spicy aroma with notes of Orchid, Bergamot, Cinnamon, Saffron, and Cloves will leave a long-lasting impression.