Must haves

Since 2013, My Flame Lifestyle brings eco candles into the market. The candles are made of either palm wax or soy wax. These candles don’t spread any soot, have a cool design, smell delicious and burn up to 45% longer compared to regular candles.
The candles in a jar are made of soy wax and the pillar candles are made of palm wax. An extra advantage of the palm wax candles is that they can stand the heat of hot summer days because of their higher melting point. Additionally, My Flame Lifestyle is the first that offers pillar palm wax candles with a fragrance. An extra advantage of our soy wax candles is that you can use the liquid wax for massages. You will get a very soft skin.

Not too long ago My Flame Lifestyle has added some great new products to their collection. How about the fun and fresh scented paper for in your drawers, just a beautiful gift thanks to the nice gift box the paper comes in. Also the paper candle bags are a great gift item. This paper bag brings the good mood on your outdoor or indoor table. Also new are the bed- and body mist and fragrance sticks. The best quotes are printed on the bottles and will give that personal touch to the item. And last but not least, the scented cards. With the fun designs and quotes, this could be your favorite gift to give.

Fun, inspiring, quality, trendy and bonding are the key ingredients for all the products of My Flame Lifestyle. The trendy products of My Flame Lifestyle make your house a warm and comfy home. Whether the products are for yourself, a present for your friend(s), your dad, mother, daughter or colleague, it’s always a success.

Among other resellers, the palm wax candles are now available at Ekoplaza, the largest organic supermarket chain in The Netherlands. Check out the points of sales on this website, you can find them under the tab Contact Us.