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In 2012, Fem and Fiet stumbled upon soy candles in the United States and instantly fell in love with this superior product. The wax is beautiful and soft, the candles have better burning qualities than paraffin candles, it's more sustainable for both the environment, your home, yourself and you can even use them for other purposes such as hand cream. So My Flame Lifestyle was born and started with lovely soy candles, decorated with sweet and funny quotes. 

In just a short period of time, the soy candles were picked up by the media and they became more and more popular. The success made it possible to broaden My Flame Lifestyle's product range to reed diffusers, room sprays, colorful matches and other (scented) home accessories.

My Flame Lifestyle is a low-key bunch with a passion for sass, sweetness and everything in between. Our goal is to put a smile on your face by making beautiful, fun and sustainable products. So enjoy your stay here and shop while you're dropped.




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