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Soy candle - let's go wine tasting on the sofa - Fig's Delight


A lovely scented candle made of sustainable soy wax. The fragrance of this candle is Fig's Delight and burns 50 hours. Size: 60 x 40 mm.

This scented candle has a natural wooden wick. We have cut the wick to the proper length and you never have to trim it again. When you blow out the candle, you will notice that only you see a lot less smoke compared to cotton wicks. 
It's needless to say that the wood used for our wicks are sustainably sourced. 

Fig's Delight
You will never get enough of this fine sweet aroma of fresh figs in combination with the woody though freshening kick of copaiba. A favorite fragrance of many.

Organic soy candle

Up to 45% longer burn time
Don't emit black smoke
Better scent throw