Why do you want soy candles in your home instead of regular candles?

First of all, most common candles are made of paraffin wax which is made of crude oil, an exhaustible resource. Soy wax on the other hand, is made of natural, biodegradable and renewable resources. For the cultivation of soy beans in Argentina and Brazil, rain forests are destroyed and the soy beans are often genetically modified. The soy wax of My Flame Lifestyle is made of the soy beans grown near our candle factory so no rain forrests were harmed and the beans are non-gmo.
So what are the advantages for you personally? Below, we have the most important advantages listed for you.

Longer burning time
Soy candles burn 30% to 45% longer compared to regular candles made of paraffin wax.

No soot
Have you had that experience you placed a lit candle next to your wall and it became all black? Or when you burn candles in your house quite often, your walls and ceilings turn all black after a while? Besides these inconveniences, this black soot contains benzene which is carcinogenic. With My Flame Lifestyle’s soy candles you don't have to worry about all these concerns. Soy candles don’t or hardly emit any soot. So you can safely put your house full of our soy candles.

Better scent throw
Because of their lower burning point, soy candles have a faster and longer scent throw compared to paraffin candles. In addition, My Flame does its best to use essential oils as much as possible. Unfortunately not all scents can be essential, this is why our candles are a mixture of essential and perfume oils.

Spilled some wax? No worries!
Have you been a little clumsy and did you spill some wax? No worries! Probably you are used to scrape off the wax and this way damage your table even worse. With soy wax on the other hand, you don’t have this problem. Just wipe it off with warm water and a little bit of soap and you're table is good to go.

Soy candles burn down entirely
Soy candles burn down entirely. However, keep in mind that the upper layer of the candle needs to be fluid to the edges of the glass before you blow out the candle. Otherwise the sides of the candle won’t burn down the next time you light the candle. Besides this, you can clean the glass of the candle easily (also dish washer proof) so you can reuse the glass. With paraffin candles, often quite some wax won’t burn and you can’t get the wax out of the glass. Such a waste!

* scientifically proven