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Light grey - Geniet, lach, leef


A glass jar with 80 light grey matches. With these matches you're totally in style with your matching candles. On the jar you find the text 'Geniet, Lach, Leef'.
You can find the strike surface on the bottom of the jar to ignite the match.

Size of the jar: 6 x 10,5 cm
Length of the match: 8 cm

These matches are environmentally friendly and don't contain sulfur but an iron-phosphorus compound. Additionally, matches are easily recyclable and biodegradable. Unlike lighters, matches are made from wood which is biodegradable. This way, they won't contribute to the growing waste problem in the world. The glass jar can be re-used for numerous things such as a small flower vase.

Organic candles

RTRS (Roundtable for Responsible Soy)
45% longer burn time
No smoke
Better scent throw