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Hand soap - Confetti is the answer - Scent: Green Tea Time


Everybody loves this confetti hand soap! It's easy to use; put 1 or 2 confetti leaves on your hand and you wash your hands as you'd normally do. The confetti will foam and desolve as regular soap. When finished, you'll have lovely smelling, soft hands. 
Corn starch is used for its exfoliating proporties which removes dead skin cells to reveal clean and smooth skin. Plantbased glycerine hydrates the skin and together with the corn starch, it makes your hands feel silky soft.

Another advatange is that kids LOVE to wash their hands this way! They can't get enough of it. So you never have to tell them to wash their hands anymore.

Size bottle: 6,5 X 13 cm
number of confetti leaves: approx. 350
Scent: Fresh Cotton