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Fragrance sticks - Happy stuff - Fresh Lotus


Let your home smell devine with this reed diffuser. You will find 10 reeds in the box. The more sticks you use, the stonger the scent throw.

Fragrance: Fresh Lotus
Content: 100 ml
The liquid will last for 2,5 months when using 5 reeds

Fresh Lotus is a soft and fresh fragrance for a calming atmosphere in your living room, bedroom or bathroom. This fragrance is somewhat fresher compared to our Cashmere Comfort fragrance as citrus and the scent of fresh flowers are more present. This fragrance consists of citrus and melon followed by jasmine, waterlilly, ylang ylang and roses.

The sticks have round canals that run from bottom to top. This sucks up the fragrance oil and after a couple of hours, the canals are filled with the oil and the sticks will do their work. The fragrance vaporizes on the surface of the sticks. If you turn the sticks upside down, you will get an extra boost of fragrance release.