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Surprise candles - Rock, amazing, gold - Fresh Cotton


A fun giftbox with 3 candles. On the giftbox, you find an easy removeable sticker which states the messages inside the candles. This way, you know the hidden messages before you give it to someone. Each candle carries its own message.

At the bottom of the jar, the message is hidden. After burning the candle for aprrox. 2,5 hours, after all the wax has become fluid, the message will appear. So the receiver must have some patience to find out what you want to tell him or her.

Fresh Cotton
A soft and light fragrance that makes your environment smell like it’s just been in the washing machine. A fresh, pure and comfortable mix of amber, citrus, lily, jasmine and with a soft hint of musk.

Size: dia. 5 x 3,5 cm
Burning time: ca. 10 hrs.

Organic candles

RTRS (Roundtable for Responsible Soy)
45% longer burn time
No smoke
Better scent throw