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Soy Candle 230 gr. - World Wonders - Grand Canyon


This beautiful candle is from our exclusive World Wonders collection. A collection to honour our planet; earth. This colection exists of 7 scents, based on the most beautiful site of 1 of the world's 7 continents.

This candle belongs to the continent North-America and its scent is based on the Grand Canyon (US). The scent is described as a feeling and when you burn this candle, you'll feel like you are at this gorgeous UNESCO World Heritage site. Enjoy your destination.

We have carefully developed this scent in collaboration with a renowned France perfume house. It's made of the best quality essential oils and aroma's. The scent Grand Canyon is described as followed:

A majestuous canyon with steep orange-red peaks carved by the Colorado river. You stand on the ridge while watching the sunrise and view the beautiful colors in the canyon walls caused by different minerals. While you take in the view, you are mesmerized and overwhelmed by its magnificence.

NOTES: Musk • Roses • Tonka bean • Cedar 

Size: 80 x 85 mm
Burning hours: ca. 50 

Organic candles

RTRS (Roundtable for Responsible Soy)
45% longer burn time
No smoke
Better scent throw