biologische kaarsen van palmwas, mooie kleuren, gekristalliseerd, luxe uitstraling


Palmwax candles are made of the fruit of a palm tree. The oil is extracted from the fruit and this oil becomes the wax we use for our candles. Palmoil is used in many products which makes it a very popular product. Among other regions, the rain forests in Borneo suffer from deforestation for the plantation of palm trees. The palmwax used for our candles comes from RSPO certified plantations in Java.
Just like soy candles, palmwax candles bring several advantages. Below, we have the most important advantages listed for you.

Longer burn time
Palmwax candles burn up to 50% longer compared to candles made of paraffin wax. This means you get to enjoy your candle 1,5 times more compared to regular candles.

No soot
With palm wax candles, your walls are safe from soot as well. This means you can safely decorate your house full of palm wax candles.

Heat resistant
The melting point of palm wax candles is 58˚ Celsius. This means in summer time, your candle will not melt easily. The candle will remain standing straight.

Crystalized look
The crystalized look of our candles is a natural phenomenon of palm wax candles. This occurs when the hot wax is poured into a mall at an averagely low temperature. This means no chemical techniques are used in order to create the crystalized effect. Fun fact; the mall for the candles are poured 10 times in order to make at a solid candle without any air bubbles. Everything is made by hand.

Change of color
Palmwax candles are completely natural but we do need a dye in order to get the different colors. However, this paint is based on natural ingredients which could cause a little change of the color of your candle. After a while, without burning your candle, the candle could get a lighter shade. When you light up the candle, the color will become darker again. A nice characteristic of mother nature :-).