Green Tea Time
Did you know green tea has the characteristics to eliminate unpleasant odours? It’s like a natural air freshener. This divine mix of pure green tea and bamboo gives your home a natural, fresh scent. Accompanied by floral accents such as calming rose and lillies, this beautiful mix makes it a fresh and soft fragrance and has achieved popularity throughout.

Calming Lavender
Sensuous, calming, subtle and sweet. This fragrance evokes instant tranquillity and a sense of relaxation, created by cushioning notes of camomile with rose essence. Experience the gentle floral oplift of lavender and geranium and let it unfold like a bouquet of freshly cut flowers, enveloping your environment with a harmonious soothing aroma. It’s the ultimate accomplice to the perfect night’s sleep.

Fresh Cotton
A soft and light fragrance that makes your environment smell like it’s just been in the washing machine. A fresh, pure and comfortable mix of amber, citrus, lily and jasmine and with a soft hint of musk. With this fragrance, you’ll never have to miss that feeling of freshly washed clothes.

Oriental Mandarin
A devine mix of mandarin, bergamot and a hint of lime, enriched with ginger, bue berries and tones of exotic Iris flowers. A beautiful spa-like fragrance to relax in. Run yourself a hot bath, grab your favorite magazine or novel and light the candles. You will be rebooted in no-time.

Fig’s Delight
From living room to restroom and from kitchen to bathroom. This fragrance is for your entire house. You will never get enough of this fine sweet aroma of fresh figs in combination with the woody though freshening kick of copaiba. A favorite fragrance of many.

Warm Cashmere
This warm combination is the perfect mix of fresh flowers, golden peach, sensual cashmere, musk and soft vanilla. Without a doubt, this is the warmest mix of our favorite ingredients and is the most wanted fragrance by our customers.

Velvet Musk
A both ritch, deep and soft fragrance. The sweetness of coconut water soon gives way to the feverish power of patchouli leaves. It gives you a laidback and comforting atmosphere. An experience of all senses that the velvety cacao and the wild musk enrich with their earthy envelope.

Sandalwood Spice
This is a masculine fragrance for the hot summer nights and cold Sunday afternoon. This fragrance starts off with vanilla, papyrus  and sandalwood and after that you can also find some lime, bergamot, saffron and a hint of cinnamon. It’s soft, warm and deep.

Amber’s Secret
A strong, delightful and sweet fragrance. It has a sexy mix of amber, vanilla, musk and roses with patchouli floating in the back. Amber’s secret goes perfectly well with a cozy night.

Persian Pomegranate
Black Pomegranate is the so-called forbidden fruit. This sultry and sexy fragrance is a mix of pomegranate, prunes, water melon, rhubarb, ceddar wood and a hint of musk and amber. This one is for the deeper souls among us.


Fresh Lotus
The lotus flower is a symbol of beauty, purity, and fertility. Lotus flowers are water-fresh, clean, and slightly powdery in nature. This fragrance has a fresh aquatic lotus scent with jasmine, lemon, ylang ylang and a hint of rose.

Eau so fresh
This beautiful fragrance has happy notes of of rasberry and pear and a sunny bouquet of wild rose and violet. It’s fresh and soft at the same time. An all time favorite.

Cashmere Comfort
The sheer scent inspired by the feel of cashmere upon a woman’s skin. This fragrance is a warm blend of jasmine, golden peach, bergamot and musk with a lemony undertone.

Warm Cashmere
Just a little bit warmer than the Cashmere Comfort. For this fragrance, we left out the fresh lemon and added exotic patchoulli and a hint of sandalwood. Beautiful, soft, elegant and somehow easy going as well.

Mr. Sandalwood
This fragrance is rich and has some spice to it. Sandalwood mixed with ceder, gardenia and a hint of jasmine and ginger. This intense fragrance relieves stress and brings you your inner peace. Perfect for any room in your home to relax in or stay focused. Also fun to know, cederwood and ginger are ery much loved and used by yoga teachers during their classes.

Our most masculine scent. Strong, spicy and oriental. This fragrance is a fine blend of oriental spices, amber, incense, soft vanilla and sandalwood. At the end, orange, basil and jasmine come to your senses which make it even more exotic. If you are a into deep, myserious, oriental fragrances, you will love this one.