My Flame Lifestyle has been established in 2012 by us; Fem and Fiet. Our mission? Making you happy! We started by making soy candles. When almost nobody in Europe had heard about this phenomenal product, we took a shot to get people as enthusiastic as us about sustainable candles. Better for the environment and better for yourself. Great stuff right?
Sustainable boring? No way! Just take a look at our candles and you see for yourself that we don’t do boring. Crazy, fun, sweet…that is what we like. We want to make you smile and let you fall in love with our products.

After the soy candles, we introduced the palmwax candles. Our sustainable palmwax candles have a luxury look due to the crystalized texture; they fit well with all types of interior.

And what was next? My Flame Lifestyle then started with other lifestyle products. Scented cards, fragrance sticks, bed- & body mist and so on. Everything what we from My Flame Lifestyle love, we make. Innovation, trendy, sweet, quality, beauty and a little bit of craziness. That is what we live by.
If you have any questions, suggestions, tips, tricks or just a fun story…please feel free to contact  or Facebook, whatever you want. We promise to give you an answer within 24 hours, always!



Fem & Fiet